Ser Winery

Ser Winery

(spanish) expressing identity or origin; having the intrinsic quality of

“I was inspired for the name after reading an article by Andrew Jefford, ‘Wine and Astonishment’. It was in that writing that the notion of the ‘Being’ of wine truly resonated with me. Being is different than existing. It is true, wine exists; you can touch it, smell it, drink it.  To quote Jefford, “Being, by contrast, is the ‘isness’ inside”; in other words, the natural essence of the grapes unique to each specific growing area. I am dedicated to preserving the isness of wine, to allow its true varietal expression and the place and time of its origins.

Jefford also talks of that first moment of insight, that moment when some people decide to devote their professional life to wine. He says,”it gives the lucky few who choose to ‘grow wine’ the chance to use craft to embody, reflect, and echo nature itself.”  I am privileged to be one of those “lucky few”.

– Nicole Walsh, Owner & Winemaker, Ser Winery

Chardonnay, Nebbiolo, Orange Muscat, Pinot Noir, Rosé, Sparkling, Syrah
Thu 2pm – 7pm, Fri 2pm – 8pm, Sat Noon – 8pm, Sun Noon – 5pm
Ser/Silvertip Tasting Room
14572A Big Basin Way

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Ser Winery

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