Calaveras Food Triptych

“Famed for being the setting of Mark Twain’s “Jumping Frog” story, Calaveras County is a beautiful mountainous region dotted with small gold-rush era towns and good food. Spread about the county, you’ll find lots of hearty American restaurants serving steakhouse, deli, and tavern food. The variety of ethnic cuisine tends to fall into the most popular categories — Mexican, Chinese, and Italian. Casual dining and fast.” –

Christopher’s at the City Hotel & What Cheer Saloon

Quality dining in a historic location. The restaurant uses local farmers and everything is homemade.

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Wed - Sun 11am - 2pm and 5pm - 8pm
22768 Main Street
Hotel Léger Restaurant and Saloon
Wed - Mon
8304 Main Street
Mokelumne Hill